9 outdoor activities to do in Dubrovnik

02 July 2021

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Friendly disclaimer! We want to be as accurate as possible, but given these challenging times, we urge you to recheck that the venues are open when you decide to visit.


Dubrovnik exudes a charm that is at once old-world and refreshing. This historic city on the calming Adriatic Sea has much to boast about ― scintillating waters, rocky beaches, a host of neighbouring isles, interesting market spaces, and an outdoor cinema. The list can be endless if you belong to the camp of travellers driven by curiosity and slow-paced exploration. Discover Dubrovnik on foot to unravel the outdoor delights this city has to offer.

Glory of the City Walls

The city walls of Dubrovnik are perhaps its most formidable feature, taking our imagination swiftly back to the Medieval ages. A tryst with the city is just not complete without spending at least a day walking through the old town, catching an unobstructed view of the sea, the many terracotta rooftops that can dazzle your sight, churches and towers and buildings from the middle ages, and alleyways straight out of your history textbook. A few hours amidst the city walls, and it may begin to feel like you’ve indulged in a little time travel!


Address: City Walls

Opening hours:

  • April & May : 08.00 am – 6.30 pm
  • June & July: 08.00 am – 7.30 pm
  • August & September:  08.00 am – 6.30 pm
  • October: 08.00 am – 5.30 pm
  • November to March: 09:00 am – 3:00 pm 
Old Town, Dubrovnik
By Sebastian Coman Travel/ Unsplash

Biking in a panorama

If you are looking to catch a glimpse of the idyllic Croatian landscape in panorama, cycling is the next best thing to walking, the idle sauntering Dubrovnik so easily encourages you to take. Biking tours can help soak in the varied experiences of Dubrovnik and nearby areas – whether you decide to lap up the breathtaking coastline or explore the scenic countryside, up close to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city offers its many splendours in picturesque spots, sea views, and quiet postcard-like towns like Brgat, Bosanka, Postranje, and Župa Dubrovačka.


Starting point: Dubrovnik

More areas to explore: Dalmatian coast (around Dubrovnik, Peljesac Peninsula, Korcula Island and southern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina); wider Dubrovnik coastline; and along the scenic bays of Montenegro

Best season: late spring (end of April till the end of June) and early autumn (end of August till end October)

Biking in Dubrovnik
By Postcardtrip/ Pixabay

Kayaking on clear waters

The calm and inviting waters of the Adriatic Sea are a definite call for adventure in Dubrovnik. When you are done exploring its hidden charms on foot, do not hesitate to hit the waters. The city’s rocky coastline stands out amidst the blue expanses. Sea kayaking has to be one of the most popular and exciting ways to experience Dubrovnik.


One can start from the Dubrovnik Old Port, and be regaled by stories by experienced tour guides while soaking in the majestic view of the city walls. There is the Lokrum isle, the Betina cave beach along with more palm-fringed beaches and caves, such as the Blue Cave and Ploče beach. The sea definitely has many tales to tell…and you may catch them in the waters while you kayak your way through them.


Unravelog tip: If you are one of those who cannot miss a sunset for anything, a sunset kayak tour is a must! Simply to witness the colours and how they play along the gorgeous coastline.


Starting point:  Pile Bay, West Harbour

Best season: Throughout the tourist season

Kayaking in Dubrovnik
By thatsphotography/ Pixabay

Scenic crag climbing

It must be pretty clear by now that Dubrovnik has no dearth of options for the spirited nature and adventure lover. For rock-climbing enthusiasts, the city offers good options to flex the muscles and take a welcome break from the crowd. A popular rock climbing spot in Dubrovnik is the Brgat Climbing Crag, a limestone rock located 15 minutes from Dubrovnik town. It comprises climbing paths with different difficulty levels, providing an escape to both newbies and experienced climbers.


Other spots frequented by local climbers are the Konavle Climbing Crag, 35 minutes from Dubrovnik; and Zarkovica, the closest crag to Old Town. The great part about the crags is that there are routes for absolute beginners as well. So grab those sneakers and set out for the sport’s live-in-the-moment thrills.


How to reach from Dubrovnik: By car

Best season: Throughout the year/ tourist season

Address: Dubrovnik climbing area

Craig-climbing, Dubrovnik
650 x 500

Scuba diving in deep waters

For those of you who love the sea and are craving more, scuba diving can be absolutely fulfilling. The long coastline aside, Dubrovnik has thousands of islands as neighbours that can all become hosts for your scuba diving adventures. The Adriatic Sea harbours some of the most ethereal seascapes in its heart, holding everything from diverse marine life to caves, world war wrecks, reefs, and walls that make for absolute treasures amongst divers.


Some of the most popular sites include Grebeni (ideal for beginners), Lokrum (carrying haunted tales), Tomislav Wreck (the most famous shipwreck), Jabuka (on the Kolocep Island), and Taranto Tractor (a quirky old wreck). So dive in these waters and experience yet another fascinating dimension of Dubrovnik.

Scuba diving in dubrovnik
By Martin Str/ Pixabay


Needless to say, travellers seek to experience Dubrovnik in as many ways as possible. Ziplining happens to be one of those, again a sought-after experience for adventurers. Ziplining is extremely popular in Croatia, thanks to its wondrous landscape and the sea that make for a magnificent bird’s eye view.


Dubrovnik offers a 250 meters long route along the coast that allows one to take in the coastline from a height of 60 metres, in all its glory. It takes about an hour and a half, to go back and forth, making it a truly unforgettable experience. 


Address: Zipline Dubrovnik and DU the Wire – Dubrovnik Zipline

Best season: Throughout the tourist season

Ziplining in Dubrovnik
By Aaron HM/ Pixabay

Touring islands

Island tours by boat can be the perfect romantic escape for travellers seeking rhythm and rhyme. Boat rides on the Adriatic are sensational; the sunlight pouring onto the watery surfaces as the cool breeze brushes against your skin, and magical sunsets that bring with them the perfect temperatures for a twilight ambience.


If you have had your fill of the Old Town and have partaken of activities offered by the city, it is time to hit the islands of the Adriatic archipelago. Of the numerous islands comprising it, boat tours to the Lokrum, Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan happen to be a few of the well-covered ones. Caves, trees, and a wide array of flora and fauna make these islands dreamlike getaways, to relax and rejuvenate amidst the glory of nature.


Treat yourself to a quick dip or an elaborate swim, some sandy beach time, cave explorations, forest walks, or a stroll through some olive groves. And feel the rush of time melting away…


Starting point: Old Town port 

Best season: Throughout the tourist season

Touring islands, Dubrovnik
By Inera Isovic/ Unsplash

Sauntering through local markets

What better way to mingle with the locals and get an intimate taste of the Croatian culture than touring the local markets? Dubrovnik is still very old school in its cultural expressions, which put emphasis on community.


Markets undoubtedly become the hotspots of socialization for the residents while providing a window to the visitors into the lives of locals. Farmers’ markets are common, with everything from organic fruits and vegetables to the bakers’ delights filling the air with aroma. Women selling homemade jams, jellies, herbs, spices, and oils is a common sight, along with the homemade rakija spirit and wine. 


All of these sights, sounds and smells make the markets a truly sensorial experience!


Address: Timmermansgatan 23, Stockholm      

Markets to explore: Gruž market, Dubrovnik Christmas Market, Lapad market, Gundulićeva poljana 

Local market, Dubrovnik
By Ardfer/ Wikicommons

The unique experience of outdoor cinema

Dubrovnik prides itself on the unique culture of outdoor cinema, flocked to by movie lovers and by those who are looking for a refreshing experience in the city. Summers are synonymous with outdoor movies, the sound of the outdoors blending with that onscreen. This is a huge part of the local tradition and gives travellers a peek into the Dubrovnik way of life from the 20th century.


The location of these movies is picturesque and will transport you to your own neverlands. In Kino Jadran, the outdoor movie theatre is located within the city walls of Old Town, it is not uncommon to hear sounds from the neighbouring houses, of people conversing and the like! The other two well-known outdoor cinemas include Kino Slavica and Kino Sloboda.


Address: Kino Jadran, Kino Sloboda, and Kino Slavica

Best season: The summer season (June to September)

Outdoor cinema, Dubrovnik
Kino Jadran. By Philipp/ Flickr

Dubrovnik’s old-world charm blends well with its exciting outdoor life and colourful markets. Are you interested to explore this gorgeous cliffside city further? Check out our itinerary that unravels Dubrovnik in 3 days.

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