Things to do and see in Reykjavík

09 June 2021

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Friendly disclaimer! We want to be as accurate as possible, but given these challenging times, we urge you to recheck that the venues are open when you decide to visit.


Reykjavík pulsates with pure energy in the heart of Iceland. Its natural green energy and underground thermal springs blend with the lively cultural scene in creating an unconventional urban life that feels nearly mystical. The majestic Mount Esja frames it and keeps a watchful eye on the city, while the blue waters of Faxaflói Bay can steal your breath away. On a sunny day, the hypnotic Snæfellsjökull glacier appears crystal-like on the western horizon.

Reykjavík Park And Zoo

Along with some 150 animals from 19 different species, including seals, foxes and reindeers, the zoo also features an amusement park with rides and activities, and offers visitors the chance to ride an Icelandic horse. This is the ideal place for a day out with the family.


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The Thermal Beach In Reykjavík 
– Nautholsvik

Nautholsvik is one of the few places in Iceland where you can take a dip in the sea, which, in most of the other locations, is normally too cold for swimming. Here you can find a thermal beach where natural hot water flows out into the sea and allows Icelanders and tourists to swim in the Atlantic waves.


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Hallgrímskirkja Church

Take the lift to the top of this 75-metre high and incredibly iconic church for amazing views of the Icelandic capital.


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Reykjavík Art Museum

Spread over three different buildings, this museum focuses on modern and contemporary art, featuring the works of some of Iceland’s most famous artists. It is also committed to showcasing new talents. Different exhibitions are held at different times of the year.


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Reykjavík City Museum

This open air museum was established in 1957 and aims to give visitors an idea of Icelandic architecture and the lifestyle on the island in the past.


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Whale Watching

Watch minke, humpback and killer whales, seals and dolphins on one of the many whale watching tours that depart from Reykjavik, during which you almost always spot some of these magnificent mammals.


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National Museum

The National Museum gives a comprehensive picture of Icelandic history from the Settlement to the present day. The museum holds up to three thousand objects. Among them, you’ll find most of the greatest treasures of the Icelandic nation.


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Horseback Riding

The Icelandic horses are sturdy and very strong, being the direct descendants of the horses first brought to Iceland in the Viking Age. They have an extra gait which is unique to the breed, and their friendly nature is perfect for first-timers. Horse riding tours are available in beautiful sites on the outskirts of Reykjavík. The trips can be from one hour to a whole day or even longer.

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